Concern at Tarves Vandalism

Recent vandalism at Tarves Primary School and a local shop has concerned local Councillors Paul Johnston and Cryle Shand.  The issue was raised at Tarves Community Council where Councillor Johnston said he was in the process of contacting the local police inspector.

It had been suggested that recent complaints about activity around the front of the school and around the Pharmacy which had been reported to the police were not acted on. Police, who normally attend the Community meetings to liaise with the Community Council have been absent for recent meetings and their absence meant the rising concerns would not be known by police liaison officers.

Ellon based Police Inspector, John McClusky has responded saying Police will be present at meetings of the Community Council and they are carrying out enquiries into the Tarves incidents at the School and Pharmacy.

Community Council chairman Bob Davidson had highlighted that the rise in vandalism first at the school and later elsewhere including the pharmacy was a worrying trend that needed nipped in the bud.  The issue will be regularly included on the Community Council agenda.

The Community Council has public meetings, Third Tuesday of each Month accept December when it meets on the second Tuesday.