Local Farmer – Ian ‘Mossie’ Davidson – voted best with pigs

Farmers Weekly Pig Farmer of the Year 2013: Ian Davidson

Ian Davidson
Mosside Farm, Inverurie, Abedeenshire

Innovative thinking and the confidence to try things differently in order to get results is what marks Ian Davidson as a winner.

Working with his committed team who are passionate about doing their best for the herd, Ian has created a business that has continued to flourish and reap a profit when the rest of the industry has not fared so well.

Taking over the farm at 18, pig numbers grew steadily as Ian recognised he could create a fully integrated system where slurry was used to fertilise the farm’s 182ha of crops, while the crops in turn could feed the animals. But faced with spiralling input costs and falling pig prices in recent years, Ian realised he needed to change the working practices on his farm at Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, if he was to remain profitable.

“Ian’s flair and passion is an unmistakable driving force in developing his well-run and expanding business, supporting his exceptional staff and providing vision for the future.”
Zoe Davies
General Manager, National Pig Association

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Ian’s next aim is to add value to the pigs through the farm’s Mossies Pork catering brand, which he plans to develop with son Russell, who has just become a partner in the business.

Farm facts
  • 182ha mixed farm with 300 sows
  • Farm team includesIan, unit manager and farrowing unit superviser
Winning ways
  • Passionate team intent on doing their best for the pigs and the business
  • Innovative thinking
  • Fully integrated approach to enterprise
  • Focus on developing a strong, long-term business