Memories of Tarves

I spent most of my childhood in Tarves, my father was James Argo the bank manager. I remember cycling all around the grounds at Haddo House, attending Evensong at the private chapel on a Sunday night. I remember Duthie Webster and the Christmas parties they gave for the children of the village. I remember singing in the choir at Craigdam Church. I remember the Presley brothers, George the butcher, and Charlie the farmer and their sister who taught me to play the piano. I remember the deaf dressmaker in Duthies who used to make our clothes, and the Massie farmers at Nethermill who used to give me lovely teas and to look around their farm. I remember Charlie Webster who married the local nurse, and the old road down to Thornroan and of course our weekly walks to run around in Tolquhon Castle and the plays we made up and acted out there. I was also married from there and had connections till my father retired, so I have many happy memories.

Written by Margaret Chick.

A memory of Tarves in Aberdeenshire shared on Saturday, 5th September 2009.

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