NHS says no to Community owned Pitmedden Pharmacy

A decision by NHS Grampian has rejected an application from a local Social Enterprise for a pharmacy licence in Pitmedden.

B999 Health Trust, was to be a community owned enterprise to provide a full professional pharmacy in Pitmedden and use its profits to help health provision in the area including Tarves and Methlick.

They had applied for a pharmacy licence to replace doctors dispensing in Pitmedden by Haddo Medical Group and had the support from the Doctor’s Group Practice as well as overwhelming support within Pitmedden.

We are very disappointed for the people of Pitmedden that an NHS Grampian Committee felt that patients do not deserve a full Pharmaceutical service based in the village” said B999 Spokesperson, Paul Johnston.

We have always taken the view that the local needs of patients should be the priority. The provision of pharmacy services as close to people’s homes as possible and to reduce unnecessary journeys would for our community have been the best outcome.”

Our proposal for a pharmacy was financially viable with the income coming from local patients who currently use the Pitmedden surgery for their dispensed medicines and from the extra pharmacy services we would provide for them.”

That makes the decision not to allow this self sustaining service all the more disappointing. We have always maintained it has no significant effect on other pharmacies who already have their own neighbourhoods.”

The opening of a pharmacy in Pitmedden it was felt, would provide profits to allow doctors to improve their service in Tarves.  As expected, B999 Health Trust directors will be discussing the decision in detail and look closely at its implications. An appeal would have to be considered but regulations only provide for very limited circumstances.