Pharmacy decision

A new pharmacy will after all, be opening in Tarves following a successful appeal to the Government’s NHS National Appeals Panel. Semple and Semple have also asked that the dispensing of medicines stops at all surgeries so that patients can ‘allow access to the full range of pharmaceutical services which will be provided a short distance away in Tarves’

The reaction of Tarves Community Council Chairman, Bob Davidson was one of great disappointment. “All three Community Councils had provided ample evidence of local opinion and a survey of local needs showing it was not required or necessary.” said Bob.

Local Councillor Paul Johnston described the decision as “Just plain Nuts” Concerns, he said. had neen expressed very clearly that removing the shared costs of premises by dispensing medicines at surgeries, may mean their a review of the scope of local GP surgery provsion in the area covered by Haddo Medical Group.

A meeting of the Community Councils has been proposed to look at responses to the news.

Previously, the local Pharmacy Committee of NHS Grampian had rejected the application after hearing from local Community Councils. [see previous story] However, the Local Community Councils or local Councillors are prevented by Government regulations from making representations direct to the National Appeal panel.