Snow Conditions around Oldmeldrum Roads

The Police have indicated that there are warnings on local principal roads:


B993 Inverurie-Keith Hall, there is drifting snow in the area.
A947 Whiterashes-Oldmeldrum, just outside Whiterashes. the road is affected by drifting snow and there is limited visibility.
A920 Oldmeldrum – Colpy. Road affected by drifting snow.
B9001 Inverurie – Rothienorman. Road affected by drifting snow.

You can get updates from Grampian Police while on the move via Twitter ( and Facebook (

There are comments from drivers on other roads.
B9120 Meldrum to Methlick – difficult in places
UC Bourtie (Kingoodie to Inverurie) Drifting – blocked.
other unclassified roads are difficult.