Success for Re-opening of Tarves Surgery

Tarves Community Council and campaigners to save Tarves Surgery are pleased to announce that Haddo Medical Group are planning to re-open Tarves Surgery in February 2013.  An advert for staff will go out early January and they will need to be recruited and trained.

Community Council Chairman Bob Davidson, Chris York, David Hekelaar and local Councillor Paul Johnston met with Haddo Medical Group to discuss the arrangements.   The move to  open is made as a response to their public commitment to do this when the decision to keep dispensing at Pitmedden Surgery was taken.  The Haddo Medical Group were thanked by the Community representatives for their commitment to the local area.

Haddo medical group also welcomed the launch of B999 Health Trust.  The project is a bid for a Community OWNED Pharmacy in Pitmedden.  The profits of a community Company are solely for the improvement of health care in the area and will partly go to help the provision of GP and other medical Services in Tarves, Pitmedden and Methlick.
B999 Health trust information is available at:

The unpaid volunteer directors include members of the Community Council, local residents and Cllr Johnston.  The people of Pitmedden and Udny are being directly consulted about the proposal and a public consultation meeting for all interested local people is being held on January 9th in Pitmedden Public Hall.

The proposal will mean that  Pitmedden will have a pharmacy to improve services there.  The opening of the Tarves surgery will go to support the existing Tarves Pharmacy, while Methlick maintains its dispensing branch surgery.  The improvement would be that each village, would have access to their doctors and pharmacy without separate and and difficult  journeys for some.

The funding to re-open Tarves surgery is insufficient to allow the previous service and the B999 Health Trust is hoping that this situation will improve along with services in Udny,  if the Pitmedden Pharmacy bid is successful.