Tarves playgroup has high hopes for garden


A TARVES playgroup has made an appeal to help transform a piece of land into a community garden for benefit of the village, after it was gifted to them by the church.

The Committee of the Tarves Playgroup has big plans for the small patch of ground, located just behind the village’s Youth Hall. Although the land is uneven and covered in stones and scrub at the moment, the Committee hopes that it will be able to host a picnic area, a story tree, benches, a mud pit, flowers, vegetable beds and plants to attract wildlife.

However, while the group has been able to perform some site clearing, including cutting back tree branches and clearing stones, the ground it is not yet safe for children to play on. It remains unfenced on one side and requires adults and children to walk on the road to gain access.

Now, the playgroup Committee has issued a plea to the community for assistance, in order to help turn the ground into an asset which will benefit not just the children at the playgroup, but also the rest of the village.

“Many children grow up with few opportunities to play outdoors”, said Committee Spokeswoman Morag Western. “Here in Tarves we are lucky as the church has offered us the use of the fallow ground behind the Youth Hall, and we plan to transform it into a really exciting place to be!

“We are looking for donations to help us deliver the project, whether that’s in the form of cash, materials, time or expertise. Already, we’ve had a tremendous response from the residents and businesses locally, so we’d like to offer a massive thanks for all we have received so far.”

One of the adaptations being planned is to remove a section of the wall which divides the Youth Hall car park from the garden site, in order to allow children and adults from the playgroup to visit the garden without having to walk on the road. However, the children have already been able to make some improvements for themselves.

“We have already made and painted bird boxes with the kids which was great fun”, said Morag. “Other activities include painting a mural and having mosaic tiles on tables.

Despite having a surplus of enthusiasm, the Committee clearly has some way to go in order to meet its targets.

“If you could give half an hour to make a brew or paint a fence, help with the kids activities, do a leaflet drop or even know of someone who could get involved please let us know”, said Morag. “Even a small contribution can make a big difference!”

Anyone wishing to help out can contact the group on 07773 879290

Published on Tuesday 7 February 2012 22:19 Ellon Times http://tinyurl.com/75ehpuw