“ZumbAtomic” Craze Sweeps Tarves Primary!!

Lucky pupils at Tarves Primary School have had opportunity to try the new craze sweeping the Shire; ZumbAtomic! ZumbAtomic, as you may have guessed it, is similar to adult Zumba, but each dance is broken down to make it easier to master. The dances are also paired up with recent music to capture the interest of the young people involved.

Sessions were led by ZumbAtomic instructor Angie Urquart, who travelled from Strichen to teach the classes. The aim of the sessions, organised by Active Schools Coordinator, Erica Jones, was to encourage pupils to join the 4 week block of lunchtime classes, beginning on Monday 30th Jan for P1-3 and Monday 6th Feb for P4-7 pupils. We wanted to drum up some interest and that we did! Within 2 days, more than 25 pupils had signed up across the 2 classes! We expect the classes to be full when they begin.

The main rule of ZumbAtomic, as Angie states at the beginning of each session is “There is no wrong way to do ZumbAtomic, just try your best and enjoy yourselves.” You could see within a minute of starting, that the pupils were at ease and were having fun.

Erica said “This is a great form of exercise, especially for children who are disengaged with traditional sports. Targeting this “hard to reach group” is one of the aims of an Active Schools Coordinator. ZumbAtomic provides a fun enjoyable, all-inclusive environment for exercise. At primary age, enjoyable experiences like these help to solidify a life long love of physical activity.”