Art at the Mill – Friday 31st August

Art at the Mill Event

Friday August 31st 6-8pm

Fizz, Nibbles and Art to view and buy

also Saturday & Sunday afternoon to buy

Work by Local artists

Mill Business Centre, Udny

The Mill on road from Pitmedden to Udny Green next to recycling

All proceeds to Udny Green Planning Action Group

One thought on “Art at the Mill – Friday 31st August

  1. im an avid reader of the Tarves and Barthol Chapel quarterly newsletter and allways look forward to it popping through the letter box but to say the least was dissappointed with an article in your August edition ie page 29 re a drafted letter to Alex Salmomd about the granting of a licence for a pharmacy in Tarves and the closure of Haddo medical group ok im not happy with the closure either but i am pleased there is still going to be a pharmacy in Tarves,what im getting at though is , this should not have been in the quarterly mag and should have been put in a flier seperately you should leave the politics to the nationals and to add insult to injury low and behold what is on page 26 i bet you took her “money” for the ad?.i agree we should all have a say,but where i think the council went wrong was they built a new health centre in Pitmedden (should have been Tarves) which was inevitable that Tarves would close and i would think Methlick wont be far behind.i await your reply thanks
    Charlie Duncan

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