Fun at the ‘MCC’ Gala at Lairds Cricket ground, Methlick -SUNDAY 2nd SEPT

Come and Enjoy:

  • Tug of War Competition Throughout The Day

  • Barbecue

  • Beer & Merchandise Tent

  • Coconut Shy

  • Jewellery Stall

  • Bouncy Castle

  • Kids Fun Bus

  • Whisky Boards

  • Raft Race !!

  • Fantastic Cricket Tournament

Running Order (Est)

11.00 Methlick 2nd X1 v Ellon Grp1
11:55 Inverurie v Fraserburgh Grp2
12:50 Caledonian v Ellon Grp1
13:45 Methlick 1st X1 v Inverurie Grp2
14,40 Methlick 2nd X1 v Caledonian Grp1
15.30 Duck Race !!
15.45 Methlick 1st X1 v Fraserburgh Grp2
16.40 Winner Group-1 Vs Winner Group-2 Seven’s Final
17.30 Tug of War Final
17.45 Presentation Scotia Instrumentation Trophy
18.00 Chairman’s Thank You