Barthol Chapel Church – Notice of Open Meeting, 30th April, at 7:30 pm

Barthol Chapel Church – Notice of Open Meeting, 30th April, at 7:30 pm

You are invited to an open meeting on 30th April at 7:30 pm in Barthol Chapel church to start a discussion about options for the church building and whether there is any desire for it to become a more flexible space, suitable for wider community use, whilst remaining a place of worship.

The church is the biggest public building in the community and it is greatly underused. It is about 21 x 8.6 metres, almost the size of Inverurie swimming pool (25 x 9m).

There is work needing to be done on the roof and exterior walls of the church and so this seems a good moment to think about how we can maximise use of the space. With some internal alterations – initial suggestions include improved heating, a level wooden floor and removable seating – it could become a really useable, accessible community asset.

Access to the school is limited to term times, evenings and weekends so at present Barthol Chapel lacks all year round access to a large community space.

This is just the beginning of a conversation about if and how the building might be adapted. The first thing to discover is whether there is any need or desire for such a plan.

We would very much like to hear your opinion, ideas, comments and any concerns, so please come along, if you can, on Monday April 30th.

The meeting is in the church so you can explore the space and imagine its potential.

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Refreshments will be provided.

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