Scams exploiting COVID-19

Scams centred on exploiting COVID-19 have become prevalent in recent months. Everything from government grants and furlough payments, to mortgage holidays and demands for payment of fines, are being targeted by scammers utilising ever more sophisticated methods.

Many scammers are using “phishing” and “smishing” (the term for phishing by SMS/text message) techniques to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details. They do this by disguising themselves as a trustworthy organisation in an email or text message, then by offering refunds or demanding payments, then direct the recipients to enter personal information on a fake website which matches the look and feel of the legitimate site.

The Scottish Government’s latest cyber resilience bulletin has details on a number of specific scam to watch out for, along with advice on steps you can take and sources of guidance and help.


? We have funded and non funded spaces available ?
The Playgroup is registered to provide a day care of children service to a maximum of 20 children aged from 2 years to those not yet attending primary school.
In partnership with the local authority the service provides funded pre-school education for children aged from three to five years and for eligible two year olds.
We’re open Monday to Friday 9am – 12.30pm. We offer full or half sessions.
If you’d like more information on joining the group please email

A bit of botany for beginners

A bit more botany for beginners

Saturday 4 July was not just an important day in the release from lockdown, but  marked #NationalMeadowsDay, an opportunity to celebrate one of the UK’s most beautiful, and now increasingly vanishing, habitats.  The scale of  loss of species rich grassland is incredible, with 7.5 million acres – that’s over 97% – of the UK’s meadows and other flower-rich grasslands lost since the 1930s. When you think that one acre of species-rich grassland can be home to nine million flowers on a single day in summer, that’s a lot of flowers, pollen and nectar as insect feed, missing from the countryside. While this in itself  may seem a concern only to a few specialists, it’s actually a lot more important than that.  Two thirds of all crop species are insect pollinated, and the lack of pollinators, especially bees, is causing serious financial loss worldwide. Wildlife agencies and charities are agreed that heavily mown grasslands are in effect, “green deserts”, providing very limited biodiversity and, particularly, food for insects, hence also restricting numbers of birds that would otherwise feed on these. For example, see Alys Fowler’s piece in the Guardian

There are several areas within villages that with a bit less aggressive cutting and some planting could be transformed into something much more interesting.  There may even be funding for this from organisations such as Grow Wild (

If anyone is interested, my own bit of species-rich grassland is just coming towards its best.

Dick Morris



Due to the evolving Coronavirus situation, Haddo Medical Group are taking proactive steps to minimise the exposure risk to all of our patients and staff. In line with this, we are actively trying to minimise footfall into the practice during this time.



• All requests for appointments will be triaged.
• Reception staff will continue to take details and you will be contacted by a clinician.
• If you require an appointment, please contact the surgery by telephone.
• More appointments will be dealt with over the telephone.

Please do not attend the surgery unless you have been advised to by a clinician.

If you have been advised to attend by a clinician, please do not be alarmed if they are wearing personal protective equipment.
If you develop new symptoms consistent with the Coronavirus infection please telephone the surgery for further advice prior to attending.

Pre-booked Appointments

• If you already have a pre-booked appointment, you may be contacted to change this to a telephone appointment.
• If you are not contacted, please attend the surgery as normal.

Contacting Patients
• We might not have been able to contact you as for some patients we do not have an up to date number.
• Please ensure we have an up to date telephone number and where possible email address.

Prescription Requests
• You can still request prescriptions via the online service.
• To reduce your need to come to the Surgery, you can hand your prescription request directly to Tarves Pharmacy.
• Please indicate which pharmacy you would like your prescription to be sent to for collection.

• Where possible, do not take your prescription request to the surgery.

Attending the Surgery
• Unless you specifically need a carer with you, please attend the surgery alone.

As per current government instructions, if you develop a new / or continuous cough- with or without a fever, please stay at home for 14 days from the start of your symptoms even if they are mild.

At present, GP practices have no ability to test for Coronavirus. Information about most medical conditions, including Coronavirus, can be found online at NHS inform

Many of us will likely only experience mild symptoms, however it is absolutely vital that we do all we can to protect the most vulnerable people in our community. We are aware that this is a very difficult time and appreciate your patience and understanding as this situation evolves.

Please note that these are unprecedented times and we ask that all patients remain calm while all NHS Services are

put under additional strain.

Viv Tanner
Practice Manager
Haddo Medical Group





There are just a few days left to respond to Aberdeenshire Council’s transport survey.  The Council is doing a ‘clean sheet’ consultation about services and what is required by Aberdeenshire’s citizens.

Please click on the link below to the Aberdeenshire Council Transport survey. The closing  date is next Monday 9th December 2019. So people still have time to give their valuable view on the future of Bus Services in Aberdeenshire.


Cllr Paul Johnston

Democratic Independent

Aberdeenshire Council


Tarves Messy Church 9 Dec 2019

Tarves Messy Church
Come along and enjoy fun, fine pieces and go home with something ready for Christmas that you’ve made